What does being natural mean to you?

When I first decided to go natural it was all about the thirst for lengthy hair.  I saw Chicoro’s beautiful mane (that’s her pic btw) and became anxious to start the process of being natural.  My first year was a breeze, as I  long transitioned before making the sacrificial BC.  I still had length which made styling a non-issue.  However, following the BC, styling has been a challenge.  Prior to the cut, I had it in my head that being natural was my way of accepting myself and my hair the way God made me.  It was not until afterwards that I begin to feel disgusted with my hair….WHY? minimal styling.  My styles was minimized to one…my trusty old banana clip lol so 80’s right? But why? this one style…why not let my hair hang down? if I had truly accepted myself the way God made me….because I simply had not truly accepted myself.  However, I will not give up…I will continue down this hair journey because it beats the alternative.  

So to keep me motivated, I incorporated a plan…what’s the plan? My plan is to experiment with my hair on a month by month basis…sounds expensive huh? Well we shall seeImage


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